Frequently asked questions

How Do I get started at WMMA?

Pretty easy! All you have to do is Book your first class online.

How much are classes?

Depends! We have 4 stages: Guest, JV/junior varsity, Varsity, and Pro. All incoming students first start as guest ($35 per class) then have the option to Enroll into on of 3 JV programs.

Do I have to enroll into a commitment

No! you may pay per class for as long as you wish. Our 6 month and 24 month commitments do offer discounted tuition rate

I'm New is that ok?

While we have coached Pro fighters, Most of our students have zero previous training. All classes are structured in a way that you may go at your own pace and work on your specific goals. You won't feel as you need to compete or compare yourself to your teammates, Just do your current best.

"Do I need anything for my first class?"

Nope! Just comfortable workout clothes. Just no tank tops for grappling classes.

"Which class is right for me?"

ALL! As for the first class; simply book the one that peaks your interest the most. The first class is for you to get a sense of the community of WMMA and see if it's one you wish to be a part of.